Harvest Church Ministries (HCM) is a non-denominational, Christ-centered, family-oriented and community conscious church. We are committed to serving all generations and cultures in the city of Stockton and throughout the region. 

Our goal is for every believer - man, woman, and child - to grow into an intimate, vibrant relationship with God as he or she is formed into a true disciple of Jesus Christ. In short, our vision is to win souls and make disciples. We achieve this by loving God and loving people. 

HCM, led by Pastors Frank and Ivie Gonsalves, exists solely to glorify God and advance His kingdom through the uncompromising teaching of His word. 

We believe that every believer has the God-given ability to be a person of great influence in their communities. Our goal is to help people discover their gifts and calling, and to equip them to be the leader God called them to be through discipleship. 

At Harvest Church Ministries, everyone is welcome. 


We understand that life with Christ extends beyond Sunday Service. At HCM, we have adopted 4 principles  that serve as a guide to our lives, not only as HCM members, but as disciples of Jesus Christ. The 4 Lifestyles of an HCM Member are:

  1. We pray
  2. We attend weekly Celebration Service
  3. We attend weekly Life Group
  4. We Train