OUr Vision

Win souls and make disciples. This vision is all about forming individuals into the character of Jesus Christ through discipleship. Discipleship was central to Christ's ministry, and it is through His example that our vision was derived. We believe that discipleship is essential to equipping believers to effectively promote the Kingdom of God. Simply put: we exist to "love like Jesus loved, live like Jesus lived, and leave what Jesus left behind...disciples".

Our Purpose

To love God, and to love people. God's unconditional love motivates us not only to love Him, but to also demonstrate His love and compassion towards others. Love is our pursuit and the driving force in all that we do. 

Harvest Church Ministries utilizes the G12 strategy of evangelism and multiplication. G12 means the Government of Twelve.  This strategy is based on a believer's love of Christ that compels them to share in His compassion for the lost by reaching out to others. 

G12 is based on Jesus' model of discipleship, and was birthed from the Great Commission found in Matthew 28:19-20. It is important to note that G12 is not a denomination, but rather a support to ministry outreach for the building up of God's Kingdom. 

We work on a four part leadership model that focuses on: winning the lost, consolidating (offering care and attention to the new convert), disciplining, and sending that person into their sphere of influence to share the love and compassion of Christ. 

OUr approach